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Typical Interior Bay of an Office Building—Hot Rolled Framing & DESIGN FOR SENSITIVE EQUIPMENT As Per EURO

This publication provides guidance for vibration design of all steel-framed floor and building types. It deals with the human perception of vibration and the criteria by which it is measured. The concepts of floor response and the different types of excitation produced by occupant induced vibrations are explained.

Simple design procedures are presented which show how to calculate the floor acceleration, to weight it to reflect human perception, and to compare it with the acceptance levels in BS 6472 and ISO 10137 for building designs and in the NHS performance standard for hospitals, Health Technical Memorandum 08-01.

The design procedures are valid for steel-framed floors using hot rolled steel sections and lightweight floors using thin cold formed steel members. The simplified procedure is particularly suited to framing arrangements that are generally regular in plan.

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Excel Sheets
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