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Simply Supported Member of Triple W-Shapes Design Based on AISC 13th (AISC 360-05)

The three most common types of structural members are the W-shape (wide flange), the S-shape (American Standard I-beam), and the C-shape (American Standard channel). These three types are identified by the nominal depth, in inches, along the web and the weight per foot of length, in pounds. As an example, a W 12 x 27 indicates a W-shape (wide flange) with a web 12 inches deep and a weight of 27 pounds per linear foot.
The cross-sectional views of the W-, S-, and C-shapes are illustrated in Figure 7-2. The difference between the W-shape and the S-shape is in the design of the inner surfaces of the flange. ​The W-​shape has parallel inner and outer flange surfaces with a constant thickness, while the S-shape has a slope of approximately 17 degrees on the inner flange surfaces. The C-shape is similar to the S-shape in that its inner flange surface is also sloped approximately 17 degrees.

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